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Biblical Business Discipleship

Mashach Business Advisory (MBA) provides Biblical business discipleship to Christians in business and the workplace. Business discipleship will guide them to righteous business and career success.

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How can MBA help your business, church, and career?

  • Are you a believer in business or the workplace?
  • Are you a pastor desiring to minister to your business and workplace church-goers more effectively?
  • Is your Sunday life disconnected from your weekday life?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you can succeed in the business world while remaining faithful to your Christian faith?

We can be of service to you.

We serve those of you in the workplace, business, trades,  and professions with business discipleship services designed to Biblically guide you to righteous success in business and career  

We offer focused discipleship tailored to your unique work or business situation.

What We Offer

Business Discipleship
Marketplace Coaching
Business Class Bible Study
Church Marketplace Ministry

Business Discipleship

As business disciplers, we can help Christian business leaders attain business success and profitability.

Our service is a  Bible-based management approach where we counsel you on current business matters combined with a Scriptural management development curriculum.

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Marketplace Coaching

For those in business and the workplace, we offer instruction and training designed to help you attain righteous business and career success.

  • Discerning Business Anointing
  • Catching Your Life Vision
  • Renewal of Business Policy
  • Sales Commission
  • Excellence in the Ministry of Work
  • Business Fortress

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Business Class Bible Study

We offer Bible studies and seminars relevant to the godly success of believers in business and work.

We have business and workplace-focused Bible studies available.

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Church Marketplace Ministry

We can assist pastors and churches in organizing their own Marketplace Ministry. We will mentor the congregation’s business leaders. In addition, we will give the church access to MBA’s Business Discipleship, Marketplace Coaching, and Business Class Bible Study resources.

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Who We Are

Hermen Atienza is the Managing Partner and a Business Discipler of MBA. His life work includes over five decades of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate business and more than three decades in Christian ministry.

Julie Atienza is a partner in MBA. She began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1988 and has been serving in Christian ministry for over 30 years, notably in the ministry of Business Discipleship and church planting, leadership, preaching, teaching, and worship.


What is MBA?

MBA (Mashach Business Advisory) ministers to business leaders, professionals, tradespeople, and employees by providing business discipleship for righteous success in business and career.

MBA offers focused discipleship tailored to the unique situations of companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, tradespersons, independent business owners, and workplace believers.

MBA provides the following services:

  • Business Discipleship for business
  • Marketplace Coaching for business and workplace
  • Business Class Bible Study for business and workplace
  • Organizing a Church Workplace Ministry for pastors and churches


God’s Business Mandate

By Hermen Atienza

Is Biblical business an oxymoron? Is it possible for Christian enterprises to be highly profitable?

Let’s discover God’s business mandate in how it’s not only possible but desired to be a successful business person.


Probably the best business program I have ever participated in as a Christian businessman. Not only did it open my eyes to business renewal but also my heart.

Anthony Mac Neil, Halifax Nova Scotia

“My wallet belongs to God and must be unstained, free from Greed and Sin.” These were Hermen’s words in the year 2014, which opened by heart and mind, addressed to a group of businesspeople. Since then Hermen has been my pastor, guiding me along as a “Biblical Business disciple”. The Grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men, training us to renounce worldly passions and to live sober, upright, and godly lives in this world. ( Titus 2:11) To achieve joy and satisfaction in today’s business world, every individual should experience being Hermen’s Business disciple.

Jeevan Saldanha, Halifax Nova Scotia

I took this course for three years in Halifax and found it to be anointed by God and a blessing to my business. It has been very useful in running my printing business with 22 employees, teaching me to run my business God’s way and how to take sales from the enemy through prayer and scripture references. Thank you Hermen!

Wayne Arkelian, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I attended Mr. Atienza's MBA course some 2 years ago and found the presentation and content to be thought-provoking and informative. I would recommend MBA to any business owner or someone considering starting a business. The course will provide one with a Godly perspective of work and money.

Fred Shuman, Halifax Nova Scotia

A must to look into it and be part of it. Pstr Hermen is my mentor. One has to be a believer and a follower of Christ to begin with. The Word of God (in relation to our business) is magnified. And I find it good. Pastor Hermen’s inspiring explanation and illustrations of The Word of God are something I look forward to every study session. Being in business; is being in service to God, in Jesus' Name! How? Join in and find out more! I absolutely recommend MBA.

Rosamar Soriano, Los Angeles California

In my younger years, I had the chance to work with Hermen. I witnessed how God’s Word transformed his personal life. But it didn’t stop there. God’s Word made a life-changing impact on his career and how he conducted business. I saw Hermen blaze a trail—and he has never looked back.

Rissa Singson Kawpeng, Manila, Philippines