Business Discipleship


Business Discipleship

As business disciplers, we can help Christian business leaders attain righteous business success.

Our service is a Bible-based management approach where we counsel you on current business matters combined with a Scriptural management development curriculum.

We will render Scriptural and sound recommendations for your ongoing business matters.

Our curriculum will first equip company owners with spiritual business disciplines and, second, guide their enterprises to help build up the body of Christ.

Spiritual business disciplines include:

  1. Renewal of business policy
  2. Establishing a business fortress
  3. Godly Management

Building up the body of Christ disciplines include:

  1. Evaluation of business systems
  2. Planning for blessings
  3. Organizing for success
  4. Implementing Promises
  5. Managing God’s gift of profits

The business discipleship process will take two to four years of weekly Bible-based business management studies.

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