Church Marketplace Ministry


Church Marketplace Ministry

We assist pastors and churches organize their own Marketplace Ministry. Churches will be able to provide specialized business discipleship for church members in the marketplace:

  • Businessowners, company executives, professionals, independent businessowners (Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Networkers), and tradespersons.
  • Workplace employees and supervisors

We will help develop a Marketplace Ministry Core Group of three to six business leaders who have active and potential gifts of leadership, discipleship, counseling, teaching, and preaching.

Our team will conduct a weekly mentoring session (60-90 minutes). Using the MBA discipleship system, we will equip the core so they may disciple their respective businesses towards righteous success and profitability. We will also provide counsel on their current business operations.

The mentoring will take three to four years, mirroring Jesus’ three-year discipleship of His followers.

After nine to twelve months, the core may start their ministry to other churchgoers. They can initiate the church’s business discipleship, coaching, and teaching services. Our team will guide the core’s ministry operations.

We will also provide access to MBA’s business discipleship, coaching, and teaching resources.

Why does a church need a marketplace ministry?

The challenges and circumstances of the business and the workplace have their uniqueness. The ordinary day of work and business is fraught with temptation and enticement for ethical compromise. Believers in the marketplace have to make many decisions throughout the workday, something unique to the business world. 

They are exposed to this often unfriendly environment for over half of their week’s waking hours.

In contrast, they spend only a few hours a week in the secure confines of the church.

Pastors need to provide adequate spiritual resources to members of their marketplace flock and provide continuity of their Sunday life to their weekday life.

Studies show that one out of every ten churchgoers in North America is an entrepreneur. With a 2.6 average family size, one out of every four church attendees is related to a businesswoman or man. 

Outside North America, two out of every ten churchgoers are connected to an entrepreneur. 

If we add on corporate businesspeople and workplace employees of the congregation, the number of marketplace believers in a church becomes genuinely significant.

Other studies estimate believers in the marketplace at 85% of the Christian population.

The potential for lifestyle evangelism is enormous and should be capitalized on with discipleship tailor-fitted for those in business and the workplace.

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