Marketplace Coaching


Marketplace Coaching

For those in business and the workplace, we offer instruction and training designed to help you attain righteous business and career success.

Our current coaching programs are below.

DBA – Discerning Business Anointing

We can help you discern if business is God’s anointing for you.

Catching Your Life Vision

We can assist you in catching God’s vision for your life.

Renewal of Business Policy

We will assist you in the formulation of Biblically compliant (1) business dedication statement, (2) legal business purpose, (3) vision statement, (4) mission statement, and (5) long-term business objectives.

Sales Commission

We can provide your sales force with Scriptural selling principles.

Excellence in the Ministry of Work

We can organize a Biblical quality management system.

Business Fortress

We can develop your company’s worship, prayer, witnessing, and spiritual warfare systems.

Business Renewal Retreat

We administer a day-long company retreat for interested company personnel and other stakeholders.

Marketplace Evangelism Training

We equip believers to share their faith with relatives, friends, and workplace colleagues.

In addition, we can design programs fit for your unique needs.

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